Submit a Skill

Show us what you can do!

Share your quarantine skill with us.

Have a crazy party trick that you want to share with the world? Let us see it. It doesn’t have to be a “full act”, just a special (or odd) skill. Keep it classy, people!


  1. Video should be no longer than 1 minute
  2. Shoot vertically (that’s the format of the show, ya know?)
  3. Send us a link in the form on the left.
  4. Sending us a link to your video equals your consent for us to put it in the show, if we chose. We will notify you beforehand.
  5. Sending us a link to your video means you understand that this is for fun only, not for profit. There isn’t any payment associated with your participation. We will encourage people to follow you on social media, if you chose. You may also remain anonymous. That’s okay too.
  6. Submitting a video does not guarantee we will use it in the show.
  7. If you do not have a link (or can’t figure out how to have a link) use the form to let us know and we will do what we can to help.